Quality Control

At Capricorn Mouldings there is a real emphasis on providing mouldings of the highest standard to our customers, and we pride ourselves on the very small amount of returns we have – with many of our customers never returning a single moulding.

We work very closely with our customers to ensure that we are supplying mouldings with zero defects, and due to the close proximity of many of our customers we are able to resolve many issues within only a couple of days.

Capricorn Mouldings does not have a formal quality standard, we adopt our own approach by way of a paper based controlled system which continues to work extremely well.

All components differ in size, shape and form, some technical, others cosmetic; certain mouldings need constant controls & measures in place, other less demanding components require fewer measures and controls, we can tailor the quality systems in place to suite your exact requirements. For example, some mouldings require cutting through to inspect the internal workings at regular time intervals during production runs.

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